Elizabeth Beckmann from Columbia, Missouri contributed these micro sculptures that she calls 'Artplops'. They are constructed out of white paper, black thread and red tie twists. Each of the little creatures contains a sunflower seed or other herbal seed. Elizabeth suggests planting one of the artplops to let the seed sprout a new life.
Using these simple materials Beckmann came up with an extraordinarily creative range of interesting, playful objects that fit beautifully into the tiny exhibition boxes. We are very proud to present them here.

The Fluxcase Micro Museum is a project of the Ontological Museum ( The micro museum is composed of a number of very small, highly mobile plastic cases that each contain 50 very small boxes or galleries the smallest of which are only one inch square.

The 50 little Artplobs for the Fluxcase Micro Museum Box are constructed out of paper,thread and tie twist. Each one contains a sunflower or herbal seed. As the little critters reach a new exhibiting space, one of them is taken out and planted, (leaving an empty space/void where there was once a little plob.) Each empty box is a quiet meditative void. The goal is to break the viewer away from the restrictions of time and space bringing one to a poetic shift of peace and serenity. 

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